Free Services During the COVID19 Pandemic

In addition to those who have lost lives or are suffering from the COVID19 CoronaVirus, we are also aware that many local small businesses, entrepreneurs and entertainers are also suffering from loss of business and paying work. 

Now through April 30, 2020 and possibly longer, we are offering several free services to a limited number of small businesses and entertainers in the New York City area which has been hit extremely hard by this Pandemic.  

If you are in need of the services below and meet the criteria,  please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please note that this is a limited time offer for and may be removed without notice. 

Small Businesses:

For a chosen number of small businesses, we are offering a free

30-day Digital Marketing Campaign to help grow your business. 


The package includes:

*  Full website and social media evaluation

*  A 30-second promo video

*  SEO optimization of your website

*  A social media and email campaign

* For business who currently do not have a website we are offering a free one page site.

   ( Does not include domain name or hosting )

Please note that we will only consider businesses that we feel are in need, of these services

based on our initial review, which includes, the nature of the business, length of time in business, 

current marketing campaign, location and other factors we deem important. 


New York City Actors:

As we work with dozens of local actors on a regular basis, we are fully aware of the challenges

you are facing during this difficult time. When things get better, which they will, we want you to be

as prepared as possible for the many upcoming roles you may be considered for. We are are there for offering the following services to a limited number of actors at no cost.


* A professionally edited actors reel 

* A social media blast across all social media platforms

* A one page website

* A guaranteed supporting role in one of our productions

*. Placement of your completed reel in our website gallery which gets thousands of month visits.

* Direct access and consultation form the Executive Producers of one of our productions. 

To be considered, you must be a local New York City Actor, have footage from at least two productions that we can compose into a 2min. reel, be listed on IMDB with at least two credits in the past two years and other factors we deem important to determine your need for these services.  Please note that we will receive hundreds of submissions and will only consider approximately 20. ( Not on a first come first serve basis. )


To be considered, please fill out the contact form with all the required info.  Incomplete forms will be deleted.  Please note that due to the high number of inquiries, we can only get back to those that are considered for our services. 


Thank you and  #BeSafe

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